Pop over Beethoven

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  Beethoven is already a popular icon. He fell from the great composers altar to the popular culture stand. His image and music have gone beyond the classical music scope. It is a pop reference, a historical celebrity.     He’s not alone, Mozart follows closely. Bach is fighting for it. We listen to their music everyday, they inspire […]

People who think that classical music is dying

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Benjamin Zander has two infectious passions: classical music, and helping us to take full advantage of our love for it – and by extension, for all new possibilities, new experiences, new connections… This is definitely one of my favourite talks from TED, to date. These are just 5 of the reasons, some of its most […]

Get off the stage

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  Last week I joined a forum at entre88teclas.es (@entre88teclas), a web about the piano repertoire, performers, composers … Highly recommended (spanish). I’m not regular at the forums, really. But this time, to hang out, I began to read. The topic of discussion was stage fright. “De-safinada” (nickname) asked advice on how to overcome that little-big problem that most […]

Bad copy… why?

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Why? What are the reasons to use a bad copy of some classic or hype song as background music? What are the reasons to use these bad copies in advertising campaigns? It’s a simple job for musician. Just slightly change the melody or some arrangement and… ready to use! It’s not “music inspired by” or […]

Two basic books to celebrate Book’s Day

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If you haven’t read it, this is a good opportunity. And if you’ve read it, you will agree that it never hurts to keep these books on hand. I don’t know how to define these books: journalistic works, essays, small encyclopedias… Because these books are all of this and more. Maybe, two of the best […]