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2012 starts well enough.

Betterwithmusic recently signed a partnership contract with freeaudiolibrary. This Spanish website “has a library of royalty free music, composed of thousands of songs so that you can use them as background music for all types of video projects. Music copyright free, professional and inexpensive, and available for direct download from our website.”

Now, besides through Jamendo, you can purchase commercial licenses of Betterwithmusic’s library through this portal. Almost 100 songs composed by Jahzzar are available for 50 euros each, regardless of the project you want background music for.

Freeaudiolibrary offers a wide and comprehensive catalog of quality music of all styles. So I’m glad they listened to my music and are interested in it. Much appreciated!

Therefore, I invite you to visit freeaudiolibrary and listen to its catalog (Jahzzar songs are those whose code ends with -JS). Both I and freeaudiolibrary peers will happily help and assist you.




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