Hans Zimmer wants you!

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That’s the name of the campaign launched by “Bleeding Fingers”, a joint venture Between Extreme Music, the production music arm of Sony / ATV Music Publishing, and Academy Award ® winner Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control Productions.


This is a competition seeking new talented composers. It’s certainly a great opportunity for all musicians/producers interested in image/sound and soundtracks, among whom I include myself .

The competition consists basicly in to do a remix , rethink and / or create a composition from an original work by Hans Zimmer. You only have to download the stem files and “reimagine , replay , recompose or revise to your heart ‘s content “, using at least one of them. This is the original:

The prize ? The prize includes the opportunity for full -time employment , including a full benefits package , plus the use of a fully equipped studio in Bleeding Fingers, brand new state of the art facility. Well, that’s what they say in the promotion. If you read the contest rules carefully, you’ll realize that actually the participants opt to a “little” stay of three days in LA, and an interview that may or may not result in a job offer. Anyway, it is still a good chance.


I’ve opted for the vocal stem. From it , and following the steps of the original track, and Zimmer’s manual ( epic horns , percussion … ), I composed this piece. Hope you enjoy it.
Mr. Zimmer, there goes my proposal !



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